Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An article by Thomas Tyler, licensed home  inspector

The question of a mold issue usually arises during a home inspection, although the Standards of Practice of NYS Home Inspection Law states that home inspectors shall not be required to determine the presence or absence of any suspected mold. Throughout this article we use the phrase mold issue rather than mold problem because whether mold is a problem or not is subject to both a legal and scientific debate, which is not the subject of this article.

On January 1, 2016 the New York State Mold Inspection, Assessment and Remediation Specialists and Minimum Work Standards (Article 32 of the Department of Labor Law) goes into effect. It should be emphasized that nothing in the law prevents an owner of the property to remove the mold themselves .There will be three new licenses required in NYS to assess and abate a mold issue, A licensed home inspector cannot do a mold assessment unless the home inspector obtains a separate license. These licenses are:


  1. Mold Assessment - Individuals or businesses that inspect or assess real property to discover "indoor mold growth, toxic mold growth, conditions that facilitate indoor mold growth and/or indicia of conditions that are likely to facilitate indoor mold growth."
  2. Mold Remediation - Businesses that are in the "business of removing, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, containment and waste handling of mold."
  3. Mold Abatement - Workers that actually do the "removing, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfection, containment and waste handling of mold."