MVAR Committees

MVAR Committee Descriptions



Develop a marketing plan that promotes the Board’s website.


Create awareness of the Board and its services.


Investigate various advertising venues/programs to develop an ad campaign   


Closely adhere to NAR guidelines as they relate to logo design, trademarks and terms (e.g., REALTOR® and REALTORS®


Prepare press releases to the general public


Develop ongoing programs that will enhance our Board’s “brand”




Study proposed amendments to the Bylaws and submit all proposed revisions and amendments to the Board of Directors for approval prior to submission to the General Membership.


Properly word and place in Bylaws, changes as directed by the Board of Directors for approval by General Membership.


Submit approved changes in Bylaws for publication notice.


Submit published changes to all members at a General Business meeting for approval.


Submit approved changes to NYSAR and NAR  as needed.




Periodically review issues relating to Board-owned building and adjoining property, with a view towards maximizing our investment.


Act as liaison between tenant and Board for any issues relating to building improvements or changes.





Plan educational seminars and roundtables, and select speakers.


Prepare programs, brochures and other materials for educational seminars and roundtables.


Contact local business firms and other organizations for co-sponsorship of educational activities with MVAR.


Assist Staff in setting up educational programs and courses.


Cooperate with colleges and universities in development of real estate training.


Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.






The Grievance Committee is not to be confused with the Professional Standards Committee.  It is a separate committee with a distinct and important function.  Its function is similar to that of the "Grand Jury" of the judicial system; i.e., to prevent abuse and harassment through frivolous or unwanted complaints.  The Grievance Committee gives initial consideration to allegations of unethical conduct and to requests for arbitration.


If a complaint alleging unethical conduct is unclear, the matter may be investigated by a representative of the Grievance Committee before referring it for a hearing before the Professional Standards Committee.


The Grievance Committee may act on its own to investigate potentially unethical conduct and must do so if directed by the Board of Directors.


The Grievance Committee determines if an arbitration request is valid and if so, refers it to the Professional Standards Committee for an arbitration hearing.


The Grievance Committee determines if an ethics complaint shows probable cause that one or more articles of the Code of Ethics may have been violated and if so, refers it to the Professional Standards Committee for an ethics hearing.


Attend NYSAR Professional Standard training as directed by the Board of Directors.  (Bylaws, Article XIII Section 1 – Standing Committees).




Develop and revise the Board's standard real estate forms.


Review all forms used by MVAR, from time to time, for completeness and adequacy.


Review all forms developed or revised by other committees before final approval.


Submit all revised forms to the Board of Directors, Board’s counsel and  NYSAR counsel and  NYSAR for final approval.


Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.


Provide timely legal updates to Board members.


Establish process for Board members to report legal problems.


Develop and conduct programs and seminars addressing areas of risk.


Develop and maintain a risk reduction plan for members.





Obtain applications for new memberships in MVAR.


Study and review the qualifications of each applicant.


Recommend to the Board of Directors the election of eligible applicants for membership.


Recruit new REALTOR and Affiliate members.


Develop and update Membership Survey to distribute to membership at direction of the Board of Directors.


Additional projects and programs as developed by the Committee and/or directed by the Board of Directors.


Welcome new members and stimulate attendance at MVAR functions.






Serve as liaison to RPAC.


Communicate to the membership the need and importance of contributing to RPAC.


Solicit funds to be used on the local, state and federal level.


Solicit RPAC Life Members


Monitor local, state and federal legislative activity affecting private property rights and the real estate industry and keep the membership informed.


Educate the membership on the legislative process.


Keep governmental officials informed on the REALTOR® position with issues affecting the real estate industry.


Work with other associations, community groups and business leaders on specific problem solving in the community


Increase member awareness of need for political involvement on an organized basis.


Identify members who are active in political parties or campaigns.


Recruit and educate new volunteers in political and campaign activities.


Establish and maintain contact network to mobilize grassroots organization efficiently and effectively.


13.Recruit and support REALTORS® for elective or appointive office.


Interview candidates for local public office and make recommendations on endorsements to Board of Directors.


Support qualified candidates for elective and appointive office.


Coordinate a "Meet Your Representatives" forum where members can get to know local officials.




Consider and act upon any case involving alleged violations of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®, and forwarded to this Committee from the Grievance Committee.


Consider and act upon financial disputes involving Procuring Cause of Sale between REALTOR® members when a REALTOR® member requests an arbitration of the dispute.


Promote, through programs, seminars, public appearances of other such methods as the Committee may decide, the importance and necessity of adhering to the Code of Ethics.


To be available, when requested by the Chairman, to serve on hearing panels from time to time for the purpose of hearing evidence as presented by the parties to the dispute, and making a logical, unbiased judgment as to which party to the dispute shall prevail.


Information regarding cases and names of individuals involved in those cases shall be kept confidential.


Attend NYSAR Professional Standards training as directed by Board of Directors.





Provide programs and discussions for the General Membership.


Arrange speakers' schedules in advance of meeting dates.


Provide suitable entertainment at special Board functions.


Plan and conduct social affairs and outings of the Board.


Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.


Publicize all MVAR functions.


Promote better REALTORS® awareness between GURBR and the general public.


Coordinate with staff all advertising and publicity.


Cooperate with allied organizations in the promotion and advancement of joint public relations   programs.


Work within the means of a budget as allocated by the Board of Directors with a planned media campaign.


Promote the use of the term "REALTOR®."


Check on advertisements for misuse of the term "REALTOR®."


Educate the public on the meaning of the term "REALTOR®."


Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.


Current Committee Members