R.P.A.C.- Realtors Political Action Committee

The Realtors Political Action Committee is one of the largest and most effective PACs in existence today. Funded by volunteer contributions from Realtors, it is truly “Our-PAC”. RPAC is  influential on many fronts, from the mortgage tax deduction to maintaining a viable flood insurance program and beyond.

RPAC-A lot more information on RPAC and what it does can be found at  http://www.realtor.org/topics/rpac

A note to MVAR members about RPAC (The word “note” should be a link to the attached local RPAC explanation page)

Realtor Party- The Realtor party is the Realtors’ political action engine.


Calls for Action- These are a mustering of the membership to back legislation (or block it) by contacting their representatives on whatever level the issue at hand resides, and expressing their opinion in a voice that has the potential of being a million strong.



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