RPR- Realtors Property Resource


Just as realtor.com strives to be the best search website for real estate listings, RPR does the same for property information. Fed by information from a multitude of Realtor Boards and MLS systems, it is a strong source of accurate information available to Realtors to use in assisting their customers and clients.



What is RPR®?

Comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and dynamic reports for each of NAR's constituencies


100% Owned by REALTORS®

Created by NAR for the sole purpose of providing REALTORS® with the data they need to meet the demands of their clients. There are no third party investors or silent partners.


Only available to REALTORS®

No third party or public access…guaranteed. The only way a non-REALTOR® has access to the data in RPR is through an RPR report that has been created, branded and sent by a REALTOR®.